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Basketball Camp '20

Box out drill
Taking attendance
Roll call
Paying attention attentively
On the attack!
Daily instructions
Looking at me
Whats next?
Closeout Drill
Players working with campers
On the break!

Basketball Camp'19

I love being at camp
You can't stop me!
Outdoor instruction
Morning stations
Afternoon stations
Clap it up!
Coach is giving a few pointers
Coach, put me in!
I got this!
Strength no weakness!
St. Ray's on 3!!!

Basketball Camp '21

Rooftop action
Fastbreak drill
Rooftop action II
Lil Ravens in action
Ball handling drill
Absorbing contact!
Side to side!
Arm strength
Jumping over boxes
Championship game
3 on 3 champs
Future Ravens
Coach Zo
Most improved player
Camper of the week
3 point championship
Rebounder of the week
Best defender!
Most outstanding player
Future Raven
Rebounder of the week Session II
C Dawg
Player of the Week Session I
Player of the Week Session III
Camp Session IV
Coach Rob and the Little Ravens
Session I Champs
Girls Rule!!!
Game winning free throw
Speed Session
Morning stretch
Strength Session
Mali celebrating the win
Malachi Smith
Defense! Defense! Defense!
Triple Threat
Coaching our campers up
Little Ravens Rule!
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